Today’s the day… I’m off!

Today’s the day. My sabbatical starts at 5pm.

My email account will be suspended and I’ll be locked out

I’ve specifically requested this for a few reasons:

  • I won’t be working while I’m away, so I should be clear with people who email me that they will not be getting a response and my out-of-office will explain who else can respond. No-one wins if they are left waiting for 6 weeks.
  • I don’t want to be tempted to log back in. I’m terrible like that and I think being actively locked out will help me to clear my head and stop thinking about work stuff.
  • Also, I will not have to take on 6 weeks of email catch-up when I’m back. Most of it would be redundant anyway. All emails while I’m away will have been passed to my colleagues (providing the customers with better service) and I’ll be able to get up and running and start being productive much more quickly when I’m back.

I’m going to uninstall Twitter

I’m really looking forward to a full-on technology detox. I’m going to take books made of paper and for long periods I’ll be hundreds of miles from a WiFi spot. When I’m camping in Yosemite or trekking the Andes I’ll probably be quite a long way from a power socket!

I will still take my phone because occasionally my close friends and family might like to know I’m alive. However, I don’t want to keep seeing Twitter notifications about databases every time I want to take a photo or call my wife. So after 5pm today I’m going to try and turn it off. The world does not really need to know what I have for breakfast.


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