Getting really excited about NDC 2015…

Next week I’m going back to NDC Oslo. It was a great experience last year and it inspired a couple of blog posts.

Two things I learned at NDC Oslo 2014

Woodland creature story sizing in practice

So I’m going back, and this time I’m delivering two sessions

The first is one I’ve given a few times before but, based on feedback, I’ve made some pretty significant changes to it. I’m going to really dig into the differences between two fundamentally different ways of doing database CD and their relative strengths and weaknesses. I’m hoping to take a different angle to most other people who speak on this topic:

The elephant in the room: Continuous Delivery for Databases

My second talk is a lighting talk which is brand new. In my work I get the opportunity to work with many different build servers and I get a bit of an insight into their relative strengths and weaknesses. Build servers are pretty big and complicated tools so I’m hoping that by sharing my experience I will be able to help people who are just starting out and trying to work out which one is the best for them or their team/organisation:

Which CI server is right for me?

Also, last month I wrote an article for NDC magazine which acts as a good introduction to my ‘Elephant in the room’ session. If you would like to read more of my thoughts about the relative strengths and weaknesses about the declarative/state and the migrations/transitions approaches turn to page 16 (PDF page 9):

Thinking rationally about the database problem

I hope to see you in Oslo!

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