The continuous delivery panel discussion from Pipeline

Last month I wrote about how to sell continuous delivery to people who aren’t bought into the ideas of automation and frequent releases. It was inspired by the panel discussion at Pipeline which I took part in.

The Pipeline crew have now posted a recording of the panel discussion on vimeo. If you would like to see the whole discussion (30 minutes) you can watch it here. If you would like to see what the other panellists and I said about selling Continuous Delivery to other teams at your organisation who aren’t so bought in fast-forward to 19 minutes in:

PIPELINE Conference 2014 – Panel discussion on Continuous Delivery from Software Engineering Practice on Vimeo.

Also, there are recordings of all the speaker sessions available on the Pipeline vimeo page. I certainly recommend David Farley’s keynote as a good introduction to Continuous Delivery for anyone who is new to the idea. He is as good an authority as anyone on the subject… He wrote the bible with Jez Humble.

PIPELINE Conference 2014 – Keynote: Dave Farley “What Does Good Look Like?” from Software Engineering Practice on Vimeo.



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