Ode to SQL Relay

I’m on the train to SQL Relay Nottingham where I’m giving a session this afternoon. This year, due to scheduling, I’m only able to attend one of the days but I’m nostalgic for last year when I joined the crew for most of Relay.

I know from experience and from my friends on the crew quite how big a job it is to put on so many events in sequence like they do, so I’ve taken a few minutes to express my thanks to the team who work so hard to make these events happen.

I hope also to take this opportunity to share a little bit of the satisfaction you get from taking part as a way to encourage people to think about joining the crew for next year.


The world comes into focus,

The sound of vibrating smartphone,

Backache from a hard mattress,

Reminds you you aren’t at home.


Birmingham? Cardiff? London?

Where did I wake up today?

The realisation hits you,

You’re on the road with SQL Relay.


Caffeine fuels your morning,

In the rush to get it all ready,

Prepping stands and rooms and swag,

And greeting the SQL family.


Then the keynote starts,

You’re able to catch your breath,

You take a look around you,

A hundred excited guests.


They have come out in their numbers,

To come and listen to you,

They are grateful for what you’ve done,

And they are learning from you too.


Through the day you meet and talk,

With friends old and new,

You discuss the tech you love,

And you learn a thing or two.


The end of the day approaches,

Attendees begin to disperse,

Time to tear it down again,

Like this morning, but in reverse.


The cars are fully loaded,

Board the funbus – crack open a brew,

With sense of achievement you gently nod off,

Excited for the next day on the road with your crew.

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