Next week I’m running from London to Cardiff with a few friends

This morning I ran a half marathon. I beat my PB, running it in 1:55:50. (That’s one of my New Years SMART objectives ticked off.) But I wasn’t finished there. An hour and a half later I went out for another run, and I plan to go out again¬†later.


That’s because I’m training for London Cardiff 24, a relay race from London to Cardiff where we’ll need to be able to run long distances, then, with only a few hours rest in a crowded minibus, get up and run some more. And we’ll need to keep this up for 24 hours.

I’m doing it with a team made up mostly of “Redgaters” and Redgate alumni plus a few other friends from around Cambridge or London.

Most of us were already wondering why we signed up for such a punishing ordeal.¬†And then it got more difficult. We started with a team of 12, but a few of us picked up injuries in training so our team is down to 9 (or 10 *fingers crossed*). That’s a lot more miles for the rest of us to make up. (If you fancy joining us please, please get in touch!) With this in mind, our original target to finish within 24 hours has been revised, just to finish at all would be nice.

I’m not a massive fan of asking people for sponsorship money, but we have been raising money for Children with Cancer UK. If you would like to you can sponsor us here.

The race starts on Friday afternoon and finishes sometime on Saturday… (or Sunday?) Wish us luck, and think sunny thoughts for us – I really hope it doesn’t rain!

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