I’m taking a slight diversion from the usual theme of this blog. My wonderful friend, @uongy, to whom I bear no resentment, none at all, challenged my wife and I to do the ice bucket challenge.

I would like to take a moment to thank my beautiful sister, to whom I have no bad feelings towards either, none at all, for being so kind as to spend the entire day making as many ice cubes as she could fit in her freezer. Thanks Susie. I really appreciate that. I really, really do:

We have made our donations and completed the challenge. I thought that in return I would challenge three bloggers that I know from three completely different parts of my life who blog about completely unrelated stuff to do the same.


@GFritchey (The Scary DBA), @CLAficionado, and @MissBetherfly… I expect to see your videos on your blogs within 48 hours. 🙂

Also, given that this is all for a cause and all four of us create content online, lets all think about what this guy has to say:

As my readers are probably aware – this is my first website and I know nothing about design. I just chose a pretty theme on wordpress. If any of my readers have any suggestions about what I could do to make this blog more keyboard friendly, please let me know.


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