DLM Digest issue 1 – Virtualisation

We’ve just released the inaugural Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) Digest, a monthly report of the latest developments in the world of database DevOps.

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Here’s this month’s note from the editor:

Welcome to the inaugural Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) Digest – and fresh off the back of PASS Summit, Future Decoded and Microsoft Connect() boy is there a lot to digest!

This month Microsoft have made some massive announcements and delivered some pretty impressive releases – but Microsoft aren’t the only ones…

A common theme among the latest updates is virtualisation: re-using your bytes. Virtualisation is nothing new – various techniques have been used in datacentres to optimise available physical resources since forever. However, in recent years, whether for spinning up test sandboxes or maintaining cloud infrastructure, VMs and containers have become an essential tool for everyday dev and ops folk.

With the advent of SQL Server on Docker it’s no longer a simple choice of hipsters using Azure SQL DB or grey-beards running SQL Server on Windows VMs in some internal or external data-centre/broom cupboard. There are some important concepts to understand:

  • What is the difference between a VM and a container – and how does Redgate SQL Clone fit in?
  • When would I use PowerShell DSC and ARM templates? (Or Chef/Puppet etc?)
  • How do Docker and Linux fit in to all this?
  • And crucially, in a world of VMs and containers and clones, where does the data actually live?

In our first DLM Digest we’ll try to answer some of these questions.

Each month we’ll also include some techniques for solving real world DLM problems. Some of these will come from our work with real clients, but we’ll also include interesting tutorials from around the web. This month we’ve got some easy to follow DSC and Docker walk-throughs.

Finally, aside from virtualisation, there’s been plenty of other great stuff going on. Here’s a teaser:

  • There’s a new Visual Studio release and some new stuff from SSDT.
  • People are finally looking into the server config drift and DLM for BI projects – it’s early days but I’m really looking forward to seeing how these projects progress.
  • There’s a whole new place where the #SQLfamily are hanging out and contributing to cool open source automation projects.

Anyway, that’s enough from me, here’s the news.

Alex Yates
Director of DLM Consultants

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