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#tsql2sday #119 write-up

First, I’d like to say thanks. First to Adam Machanic (b|t) for starting #tsql2sday, second to Steve Jones (b|t) for co-ordinating it, but most importantly to all the people who contributed, listed below. I asked people to write about something in their IT careers that they had changed your mind about. What was your original opinion? Why did you believe…


Continuous Database Deployment… to Production. #tsql2sday #119

This post is part of the 119th #tsql2sday blog party, which was started by Adam Machanic and is co-ordinated by Steve Jones. For more info, check out the website.  Our host this week is (ahem…) me. Here’s the topic: Changing your mind. For my contribution, I want to talk about continuous database deployment to production. Defining Continuous Deployment A point…


T-SQL Tuesday #119 – Changing your mind

This month I have the honour of hosting T-SQL Tuesday, the monthly blog party started by Adam Machanic and co-ordinated by Steve Jones. Bringing people together I’m excited about DevOps. I first heard the term as a sales person at an IT company. I recognised the gulf between the sales and tech silos at my company and I could observe…