Monthly Archives: November 2016


GroupBy conference by Brent Ozar

I love when people challenge the status quo – and Brent has done just that with his new event: GroupBy I wrote last month about the challenges of continuing to fund free training events. Many of us love these free events but venues and travel and catering is expensive. One approach that a few people have taken is to move to…


DLM Digest issue 1 – Virtualisation

We’ve just released the inaugural Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) Digest, a monthly report of the latest developments in the world of database DevOps. You can read the full digest here. You can subscribe to future digests here. Just one email per month to keep your knowledge about all things DLM up to date. Here’s this month’s note from the editor:…


3 reasons why your business will fail if you don’t adopt DevOps for your database

If you do not adopt DevOps your business is going to fail. It is going to fail because you underestimate the cost of your slow and cumbersome IT delivery processes. Either you will realise this before your competitors, or they will realise it before you. Whoever adopts DevOps first will win. In the wise words of Ricky Bobby, “If you…