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I’ve been caught out by copycat website “British Passport Services”

UPDATE: Since I first posted this I have had my day in court and I won! Details here: My glorious day in court with “Passport Profiteer” Richard Howard from copycat website British Passport Services. *** I apologise in advance. This one might get a bit rant-y. I consider myself pretty tech savvy… I configure software for a living. I built this…

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Managing performance when working with large amounts of static data with Redgate SQL Source Control

This post is for Redgate SQL Source Control users who have large amounts of data in source control and experience performance issues as a result. The objective:  source control appropriate data All database developers should be keeping their database schema in source control. This is the foundation of any fit for purpose change management process, reliable testing or deployment pipeline.…


The technical debt singularity

As always, Wikipedia does a pretty good job of defining well established ideas and the hypothesis of the technological singularity is no different: While the term ‘technological singularity’ is credited to Von Neumann in 1958, my favourite definition of the singularity (for the purposes of this blog post and despite the fact he never actually used the word) was…