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Using Entity Framework (or some other ORM tool)? Having performance issues? Here’s a solution.

This week I’m a booth babe for Red Gate at BASTA, a conference for Microsoft stack developers in Germany. This year the theme is ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). With so many people talking about how they deliver their updates I thought that discussions about our SQL Server version control, CI and release management plug-ins would be the topic of the…


Liveblogging from Agile on the Beach

Please excuse typo’s, grammatical errors, poor style/structure and general rough-ness. I’m continuously deploying my updates to live whilst attending sessions at Agile on the Beach… I’ve tried to record the sessions accurately, without personal embellishment. Be warned: This post is very long. You should use the links below to click ahead to my notes on the sessions that sound interesting…


Extending the Red Gate SQL Automation Pack TFS Build scripts to create and deploy releases with Deployment Manager or Octopus Deploy

Red Gate recently released a new set of build scripts, specifically designed for TFS Build that allows users to call the Red Gate SQL Automation Pack to build, test and deploy their database. It also makes it easy to publish a NuGet package containing the database scripts to a NuGet repository ready to be picked up by a release management…