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Speaking Mentors

I’m one of the organisers of SQL Relay and I’m always looking for new speakers. There aren’t enough new people speaking at community events and that’s sad. It doesn’t promote fresh ideas and thinking. On Wednesday evening last week I was thinking about this and I was feeling generous so I casually made an offer on Twitter as I left…


Three People Who Made a Difference

This blog post is part of T-SQL Tuesday #96 – Three People Who Made a Difference, hosted by Ewald Cress. T-SQL Tuesday is an online blog party started by Adam Mechanic and you are invited to join in. A record of every previous T-SQL Tuesday is maintained by Steve Jones. Chris O’Dell (book|t) My very first speaking experience was a bit of…

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Critiquing two different approaches to delivering databases: Migrations vs state

tl;dr Some argue that thinking about databases purely in terms of migrations provides repeatability and reliable deployments. Others argue that working declaratively, treating the database state as code, is a better development experience providing immutability, reliable testing and greater productivity. Most people have a strong opinion – not enough people discuss the relative pros and cons in a balanced way.…