Doing the right thing

I enjoyed solving problems and helping people achieve great things. I got a lot of scope to achieve this in my role because our software was pretty awesome – but at the end of the day the measure of my success was how many licences I could help to sell. I wanted the measure of my success to be how…


Three People Who Made a Difference

This blog post is part of T-SQL Tuesday #96 – Three People Who Made a Difference, hosted by Ewald Cress. T-SQL Tuesday is an online blog party started by Adam Mechanic and you are invited to join in. A record of every previous T-SQL Tuesday is maintained by Steve Jones. Chris O’Dell (book|t) My very first speaking experience was a bit of…

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Critiquing two different approaches to delivering databases: Migrations vs state

tl;dr Some argue that thinking about databases purely in terms of migrations provides repeatability and reliable deployments. Others argue that working declaratively, treating the database state as code, is a better development experience providing immutability, reliable testing and greater productivity. Most people have a strong opinion – not enough people discuss the relative pros and cons in a balanced way.…