T-SQL Tuesday #83­­­­ – We’re still terrible at delivering databases

This is my first contribution to the T-SQL Tuesday blog party. This month it’s hosted by the impatient DBA. The theme for this month is that we’re still dealing with the same problems. I hope you don’t all want to throw me out of the party after you finish reading… Here’s goes. *GULP* When a graduate sales guy, within a…


Three odd attitudes towards database unit testing that make me angry

Recently I’ve come across three attitudes towards unit testing database functions and stored procedures etc that I’ve found rather odd, confusing or downright infuriating. I thought I’d share the things people said and the attitudes they expressed, before explaining why they are stupid. Here goes…  “The QA team write the tests” You’re doing it wrong. Developers should write their own…


“DevOps teams”

Redgate has a DevOps team. They do a good job. For the record, Redgate is not the company that inspired this blog post. The company that did shall remain nameless. I don’t have a problem with “DevOps teams” or “DevOps engineers”… as long as they are evangelists – and not button pushers, build masters or release engineers with added buzzwords.…