Introducing FlySQL, a Flyway and Redgate hybrid that takes the pain out of database migrations

  Contents What is Flyway? What is FlySQL? What problem does FlySQL solve? How does FlySQL solve the problem? A worked example Deployment with Octopus Deploy Get Involved!   What is Flyway? Flyway is a popular open-source migrations-based project format for Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) built by Axel Fontaine (b|t). It’s a very simple tool that enables users to save…


A Flyway step template for Octopus Deploy to migrate databases, with a drift check

tl;dr I’ve built a Flyway Migrate step template for Octopus Deploy. Allows you to easily migrate your Flyway project with Octopus Deploy. It also includes a drift check for the most popular database platforms using the Redgate comparison engines. It’s available on the Octopus Deploy library here: Flyway Migrate step template for Octopus Deploy For more detail about what it is, how…