Simple query to return columns that have been classified as sensitive in SQL Server

A few months back, in response to new regulations like the GDPR and a growing concern about data breaches and other data privacy issues, Microsoft released a new data privacy feature in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Since SSMS 17.5, users have been able to use new classification functionality that sniffs out any of the columns on your database with…


PowerShell function to create Redgate SQL Compare args from a SQL Server JDBC connection string

I’ve joined a dev team for “Down Tools” week at Redgate. (Think Google 20% time). It has generally been fantastic. OK – I did a bad… The first day went quite well: Loving day 1 of 3 as dev @redgate 1st commit 2 company GitHub Built a thing Gave to user Got feedback Thx @EdPiairo — Alex Yates (@_AlexYates_)…