a fly on the wall view of some key problems with delivering software and databases

Most blogs about software delivery are written by software developers or 'DevOps' types. This is logical, but sometimes it helps to take a step back. This blog is from the perspective of someone who is not a developer, but who works with many of them at a variety of organisations. From this perspective some patterns jump out, even to the untrained eye. Sometimes the solutions are obvious, if only it was possible to look at them from a different angle.


Liveblogging from NDC London

Please forgive typos, mis-quotes and other mistakes. I’m liveblogging from NDC. This is likely to be pretty rough. Also, this post is going to be updated in real time. I might start separate posts for day 2 and 3 etc. Quick links: Keynote: Scott Hanselman (Microsoft) – JavaScript, The Cloud and the Rise of the New Virtual Machine Go and…


Introducing FlySQL, a Flyway and Redgate hybrid that takes the pain out of database migrations

  Contents What is Flyway? What is FlySQL? What problem does FlySQL solve? How does FlySQL solve the problem? A worked example Deployment with Octopus Deploy Get Involved!   What is Flyway? Flyway is a popular open-source migrations-based project format for Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) built by Axel Fontaine (b|t). It’s a very simple tool that enables users to save…


A Flyway step template for Octopus Deploy to migrate databases, with a drift check

tl;dr I’ve built a Flyway Migrate step template for Octopus Deploy. Allows you to easily migrate your Flyway project with Octopus Deploy. It also includes a drift check for the most popular database platforms using the Redgate comparison engines. It’s available on the Octopus Deploy library here: Flyway Migrate step template for Octopus Deploy For more detail about what it is, how…


PowerShell function to create Redgate SQL Compare args from a SQL Server JDBC connection string

I’ve joined a dev team for “Down Tools” week at Redgate. (Think Google 20% time). It has generally been fantastic. OK – I did a bad… The first day went quite well: Loving day 1 of 3 as dev @redgate 1st commit 2 company GitHub Built a thing Gave to user Got feedback Thx @EdPiairo pic.twitter.com/pzGKuOpFe0 — Alex Yates (@_AlexYates_)…


ALM, databases, TFS build vNext (2015) and Redgate: A tutorial for my SQL in the City demo

I’m in Seattle chilling out around PASS Summit, meeting old SQL friends and duelling with jetlag. A couple of days ago I did a talk with Brian Randell MVP (b|t) at SQL in the City. The talk featured a demo of a CI process for SQL Server using Team Foundation Build vNext (TFS 2015) and Redgate’s SQL CI tool (part…


Ode to SQL Relay

I’m on the train to SQL Relay Nottingham where I’m giving a session this afternoon. This year, due to scheduling, I’m only able to attend one of the days but I’m nostalgic for last year when I joined the crew for most of Relay. I know from experience and from my friends on the crew quite how big a job…