a fly on the wall view of some key problems with delivering software and databases

Most blogs about software delivery are written by software developers or 'DevOps' types. This is logical, but sometimes it helps to take a step back. This blog is from the perspective of someone who is not a developer, but who works with many of them at a variety of organisations. From this perspective some patterns jump out, even to the untrained eye. Sometimes the solutions are obvious, if only it was possible to look at them from a different angle.

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Managing performance when working with large amounts of static data with Redgate SQL Source Control

This post is for Redgate SQL Source Control users who have large amounts of data in source control and experience performance issues as a result. The objective:  source control appropriate data All database developers should be keeping their database schema in source control. This is the foundation of any fit for purpose change management process, reliable testing or deployment pipeline.…


The technical debt singularity

As always, Wikipedia does a pretty good job of defining well established ideas and the hypothesis of the technological singularity is no different: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularity While the term ‘technological singularity’ is credited to Von Neumann in 1958, my favourite definition of the singularity (for the purposes of this blog post and despite the fact he never actually used the word) was…

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How I configured Red Gate SQL Release and Octopus Deploy to deploy SQL Server databases

Earlier this year I documented how I configured Octopus Deploy to use Red Gate’s SQL CI product to deploy SQL Server databases. Since then Red Gate has released a product that is better suited to the task: SQL Release. The point with SQL Release is that the creation of the upgrade script and other associated deployment resources (more on what…


How to change the default port in Jenkins

tl;dr Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins (I’m using Windows Server 2012 and assuming it’s installed to default location) Open Jenkins.xml Edit the –httpPort argument (you may need to edit default permissions) Restart the Jenkins service Now Jenkins will permanently use the new port There are various other solutions via the command prompt but this one just seems so much simpler and…

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Deploying databases using Red Gate’s ‘Migrations v2′ functionality

tl;dr: A solution to deploying database changes that diff tools cannot handle Migrations v2 offers a way to deploy complex changes (e.g. table renames, new NOT NULL columns and data migrations) using Red Gate SQL Compare by allowing the user to add custom scripts, using Red Gate SQL Source Control when needed. These custom deployment scripts are combined with SQL Compare generated…


If Shakespeare had invented DevOps

About a month ago a couple of my colleagues, James Murtagh (twitter) and Becky Amos (twitter), challenged me to write an alternative version of the prologue to Romeo and Juliet. Here is what I came up with. Comments welcome, but only if they are in iambic pentameter. *** Two households, both alike in dignity, In the IT dept, where we…