DevOps, CI, CD, ALM… for databases

DevOps, continuous delivery, ALM. Pick your paradigm, the fundamentals are the same, and the database is often ignored. It is ignored despite the fact that it is often the component with the most scope for improvement. It's time we fixed that. The database should not be a bottleneck on delivering customer value.


Feedback on the new DLM Workshops

Just a quick note to share my excitement about how well the first iteration of our new and improved DLM Workshops went! The first workshop ran on UK hours earlier this month. It was the first time we hosted the VMs ourselves and the first time we ran a public course using TFS/VSTS and it went really well. We now…


Simple query to return columns that have been classified as sensitive in SQL Server

A few months back, in response to new regulations like the GDPR and a growing concern about data breaches and other data privacy issues, Microsoft released a new data privacy feature in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Since SSMS 17.5, users have been able to use new classification functionality that sniffs out any of the columns on your database with…

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Speaking Mentors

I’m one of the organisers of SQL Relay and I’m always looking for new speakers. There aren’t enough new people speaking at community events and that’s sad. It doesn’t promote fresh ideas and thinking. On Wednesday evening last week I was thinking about this and I was feeling generous so I casually made an offer on Twitter as I left…

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My SMART objectives for 2018

Two years ago I wrote about why new year’s resolutions suck and why set myself some SMART objectives for 2016 instead. SMART objectives have the following five attributes: S pecifc M easurable A ttainable R ealistic T ime-related I’ve used SMART objectives in business because they are good for motivation and accountability. Most new year’s resolutions are broken because they fail to possess some of these attributes.…


DevOps, Culture and Trust

The slide above is from my DevOps 101 session. Sometimes people need reminding. DevOps is about five things: C – ulture a – utomation l – ean m – etrics s – haring First, and with a capital letter, comes Culture. Let’s talk about why. Dysfunctional teams As a consultant, the engagements I find frustrating are where a customer asks…