a fly on the wall view of some key problems with delivering software and databases

Most blogs about software delivery are written by software developers or 'DevOps' types. This is logical, but sometimes it helps to take a step back. This blog is from the perspective of someone who is not a developer, but who works with many of them at a variety of organisations. From this perspective some patterns jump out, even to the untrained eye. Sometimes the solutions are obvious, if only it was possible to look at them from a different angle.


Does automation result in job cuts?

Despite this blog largely being about technology, I often talk about people. This is because Continuous Delivery (CD) is not just a tool – it is a mind-set. If the people are not on board, you won’t get anywhere. The trouble is, people tend to have a polarised opinions about CD. Individuals often either love it or hate it. This…


Woodland creature story sizing in practice

Today was my last day in Oslo, a chance to reflect on NDC and spend some time with the people I met. I had the pleasure of spending my last day with @toddhgardner, @mgasca, @reverentgeek and @timgthomas. Somewhere between the Maritime museum and the Viking museum we got talking about estimating, velocity and feature sizing. I mentioned that some time last…


Don’t be a brick in the wall

Software geeks have a reputation for being pretty smart. Footballers… not so much. But footballers understand something that software geeks don’t. Imagine this: It’s 5 minutes to 4pm on Sunday July 13th 2014. The sun is high in the sky and the whole world is electric in anticipation. Rio de Janeiro is buzzing with a carnival atmosphere in that way…


For a reliable CI process start with the source

Yesterday I nearly crashed my car on the magic roundabout in Swindon. (For non-Brits: don’t ask! ) I had gone to visit a client who wanted some advice about how to achieve continuous delivery for their legacy SQL Server databases. This near death driving experience (slight risk of exaggeration) seemed like a good metaphor. About feedback loops… One of the…